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Last Saturday, we celebrated the engagement of a close friend's daughter at a very intimate, backyard dinner. To mark the special occasion, Hemu Basu aka Hemu's sweet sensation LLC created this beautiful and delish cake that became a centerpiece for the evening. She created this cake art with only a couple of inspiration photos (he asked her on a hot air balloon in Nov but they didn't have any photographers with them!). If you don't already know about Hemu, she's our very own H-town/Katy celebrity cake artist who's team recently won the Halloween Cake Wars on The Food Network. She's been featured in dozens of magazines, newspapers, and TV shows (just recently on Great Day Houston). I'm so glad I got to see and taste her work. If you are ever in the market for a memorable cake masterpiece, please consider Hemu... this girl is always busy with cake orders so you better plan in advance!
Tanya Bhadra Pal
Hemu is my absolute favorite. I wanted to share a review so the world knows what a great artist and baker she is! I hired her for our grooms cake and I could not believe my eyes when I saw the masterpiece she delivered to us! My now husband loves Kirby and I envisioned adding this cute guy to our guest count. We must have received a compliment from everyone on how fun and gorgeous our cake was. We have some real chocolate cake aficionados in our family and her cake was highly rated among our chocolate-elitist people 😊 I feel truly grateful for having the pleasure of working with Hemu and recommend her 10 out of 10!
irene barrera
I recently ordered a cake from Hemu for a special occasion. It was done quickly and perfectly and the taste was outstanding. She was so easy to work with and is practicing safe distancing and sanitizing as well All is all and A+ job. Thank you
Betty Cohen-Robalino
I met Hemu, in 2016. We have had several speciality cakes done by her since then. A copy of our Bentley Car and it was so real we didn’t want to cut into it. It was beautiful a true piece of Art! Since then we have had several other cakes she has made including a life size guitar replica! Her talent is amazing. The detail is so perfect! If you want a show stopper at your party and the cake to be the center of attention then please call Hemu! You will not regret it. Her talent and ability is a true gift!! She is truly the Very Best!!
Carla Lynn
Chiro Dynamics, Inc.
I was referred to Hemu online in Feb of 2020. My wife is a Walking Dead fan. Hemu made us a cake of a Zombie, based on the Walking Dead TV show, for my wife's Birthday. She loved it. The details were so realistic, we ate the shoulders and would not touch the head. It was just awesome. We hid it the freezer and scared our son with it one night when he made one of his late night raids of the fridge, it was hilarious. Since then she has made cakes for all of us. Mine was an alligator head..really cool. The cakes not only look good, but are delicious. If you are looking for a cake that makes a STATEMENT, look to Hemu with Sweet Sensations. A real artist with the colors and creativity. I dare anyone to find better.
Randall Cedeno

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